1.0 mm MT Dermaroller


1.0 mm MT Dermaroller is a home use dermarolling device for improving the absorption of applied skin care products, triggering new collagen synthesis in skin & reducing the appearance of


1.0 mm MT Dermaroller is a home use dermarolling device for improving the absorption of applied skin care products, triggering new collagen synthesis in skin & reducing the appearance of wrinkles & acne scars.

MT Dermaroller has fine medical grade stainless steel needles. It comes pre-sterilized so you don’t have to disinfect it before the first use. Dermaroller is hermetically sealed & includes a plastic container box for safe storing of the dermaroller between rolling sessions.

1.0 mm MT Dermaroller is safe for being used once a month before applying any functional skin care products. 1.0 mm needle reaches the lower layers of the skin and triggers the new collagen synthesis for necessary for fading the wrinkles & acne scars.

The 1.0 mm MT Dermaroller Benefits

  • Removes wrinkles
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Reduces Stretch Marks & Cellulite
  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone
  • Reduces aging spots & hyper-pigmentation
  • Prevents further aging & rejuvenates skin
  • Smooths skin texture & reduces open pores
  • Improves the absorption & effectiveness of skin care products

Pain & Discomfort With 1.0 mm MT Dermaroller

The sensation of rolling your skin with a 1.0 mm dermaroller is quite painful. We recommend using with this needle length and also any other dermaroller longer than 1.0 mm only with numbing cream. Specially if you are planning to treat sensitive areas like face & neck.

For rolling male thick skin on body, numbing cream may not be necessary. You may use a special tip to make your skin a bit less sensitive right before rolling it.

How to make your skin less sensitive without numbing cream:

Put a few ice-cubes into towel and hold these on skin to be treated for few minutes – this helps to make your skin less sensitive and then microneedling may be done without much discomfort.

How Often to Use the 1.0 mm MT Dermaroller

Using the dermaroller too often damages the collagen you are trying to build. Skin may look like it’s improving shortly after rolling (due the micro swelling), but very frequent rolling may cause inflammation. It is recommended to wait at least a month before next roll with 1.0 mm.

More often is not better in the case of dermarolling. Constant inflammation damages your skin, and that’s what happens when you are frequently rolling. You skin is not getting a chance to heal up before damaging it again. Time and patience is what’s key to great results with microneedling.

Don’t expect to see significant results from microneedling for at least 2-3 months. Your skin continues to remodel for a year and even longer from single needling session.

1.0 mm MT Dermaroller Specifications

192 medical grade stainless steel needles. Medical stainless steel is very good quality material for dermaroller needles, it is long-lasting & durable for the needling treatments so same dermaroller may be used for long time in home care before replace is necessary.

Needle thickness is from 0.025 mm from needle tip to 0.3 mm at the thickest part.

Cross Lined Needle Arrangement of MT Dermaroller

Cross lined needle arrangement creates very even microneedling pattern.

Cross lined needle arrangement. This special dermaroller needle arrangement increases the tension on the skin and makes the microneedling pattern more evenly distributed on treated area.

Sterilized by manufacturer. MT dermarollers are all sterilized during the manufacturing process. This means that the first time you receive new dermaroller you can safely use it on your skin without the need to disinfect it. After first use and any following you should always disinfect your dermaroller. Never share your dermaroller with others.

Ergonomic plastic handle. MT Dermaroller handle is made of transparent plastic which is very comfort to hold for the microneedling session – just above the dermaroller head is a place to rest your finger for applying mild pressure when moving the roller over your skin.

Box container for storing the dermaroller. Keeping your dermaroller safe & out of reach of children is a must. Store your dermaroller in the plastic container provided with your MT Dermaroller. Please allow dermaroller air-dry after disinfecting before sealing the container.

Needle Size Guide for MT Dermarollers

Dermaroller needle size guide @ mtdermaroller.com